Philanthropy at it’s best

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Philanthropy in oxford dictionary is expressed as “the desire to promote the welfare of others”(2017, oxford dictionary press). Never realized that all the trials, temptations, and even the struggles that one went through has always been a testimony for someone else when we share the news. In the middle of the night my dreams are those that remind me of who I really am, and sometimes it feels like a nightmare. I wake up and realize that it did happen and it reminds me of how strong I am to be able to overcome some adversities in life. The walk that I took isn’t the same as the walk you will take. We have a different path but we will have struggles. Becoming a life coach is my way to give back, to help others realize that he or she is not on this walk alone. We have to remain focused and when we cannot we must reflect back on our goals and change directions. All roads can lead to success if we remain focused. Sometimes the detour is a testimony to share to others. post

About F.O.C.U.S

Certified life coach, veteran, and I'm a mother. I feel the best way to inspire others is not through statics and definitely not always research but through listening and providing sound advice that can bring what I once lost back.

1 comment on “Philanthropy at it’s best

  1. Joi Dawson

    I absolutely love this article! Sometimes all people need is to know that there is someone in their corner and someone who will cheer them on along the way. It’s really easy to lose focus with all the distractions in life and especially when things don’t go our way. This is a good reminder though that even our detours will lead us to our destiny. This was a good read. Thanks!


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