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Does Depression exist in Children?

Can children be depressed? They eat, sleep, and breath for free. Many adults and some parents have this very thought.  When I think back on my childhood, I can remember being depressed at times. Kids deal with a variety of things that many adults can relate too and many that cannot connect to it. I had to go to a counseling session with my oldest son today because they caught him at school smoking. Initially, I was regretting it because he took my Saturday morning to deal with the crap he caused. So why was I being punished? I thought. Well, I am glad I attended, I learned that my son was just trying to fit in. He had this passive-aggressive personality and needed to be a part of something at that moment.
Being a child that has moved around many times, he started in this school as being the new kid. Depression exists in children, kids go through so much pressure to fit in or be liked, and the stress of it all causes anxiety. The real killer is that a child who goes through this growing up and not gets help will become an adult with the same issues only stronger. Society has placed so many stigmas on getting treatment until people who want to receive treatment feels like someone subjects him or her to the negativity of others who think there is something wrong with a person seeking help. I believe it’s New York State that has incorporated mental health into the school which in all reality it needs to be all over in all states.  I created a dialogue with my son and let him know I too was a teenager and that I did some things I wasn’t supposed to do. I explained to him how I only want what’s best for him and need him to realize that he can come with anything, and we can discuss it. Depression is a sickness that is killing the youth of today; it starts with communication — having the ability to speak about what is bothering you be the very first phase of dealing with the issue. Talk to the youth of today, and they need someone to listen without judgment but with empathy.

About F.O.C.U.S

Certified life coach, veteran, and I'm a mother. I feel the best way to inspire others is not through statics and definitely not always research but through listening and providing sound advice that can bring what they once lost back.

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  1. ilonapulianauskaite

    Hi, interesting and useful post, good post🙏


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