Life Takeover

In every sense of the word, I have been overwhelmed. Life really took a tole on me this last month. Seems as if everything that could have gone wrong actually did. That can be the case in many people lives and we dont know how they are dealing with things. It is always said to treat others like you want to be treated but i really think people are treating others how they have been treated. The hatred that lives is contagious but so is being a good caring person and paying that forward. I am really trying to keep my mental clarity clear, and stressing about the things I cannot change only makes it worse. So with that being said, Im making changes in more ways than one. I will definitely be taking you all on this journey as I find it a rewarding experience thus far.

About F.O.C.U.S

Certified life coach, veteran, and I'm a mother. I feel the best way to inspire others is not through statics and definitely not always research but through listening and providing sound advice that can bring what they once lost back.

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