Mental Health Awareness

When we speak about mental health and making others aware, are we speaking regarding announcing we have a mental illness, or we making sure others know about mental health?, are you proving information to reduce the stigma associated with mental health. The awareness starts at home; It is allowing yourself to be more aware of the different things people can face every day that causes him or her to think differently. The things that some people take for granted, someone else is battling.I took a photo and compared the photo to a most recent photo of myself. When I took both photos, I thought I was cute, lol. Well, the first photo was months before I retired, and I seen all the pain, hurt, and disappointment I had been dealing with in that job. The most recent picture showed how I was trying to live again. I was getting back, remembering what it was like to be me, and it felt good. Stigma, attributed to the lack of knowledge and understanding that one has about the various concerns affecting others.

About F.O.C.U.S

Certified life coach, veteran, and I'm a mother. I feel the best way to inspire others is not through statics and definitely not always research but through listening and providing sound advice that can bring what they once lost back.

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