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Restoring me!!

To take a life that doesn’t belong to you means that we acknowledge your wrongdoing and you are guilty. Let’s discuss” Taking a life”, not in the deadly sense but in the sense that if you do not value the person you are with and keep them hanging on for your own selfish reasons, then my dear you are a killer. A killer of hopes and dreams and for that you have taken a life. Many of us have been in familiar situations that require us to look at the signs that we often take for granted. Well, the signs pointed me dead in the face and I continued to keep it going. Why you may ask? Well, because I didn’t want to be alone, I feared what I couldn’t do rather than what he or she said I could. Not realizing that no one but me had my best interest at heart, soul and mind. It wasn’t just me, myself and I, it was more so God, me and my kids that’s all I had. So when I realized that my life was on life support and someone else was the puppet master who didn’t deserve the love I had for them well it was time for me to breathe on my own. Taking back everything that God gave to me, taking back my hopes and dreams and restoring the life that I know I should have. It is now time for restoration.  

About F.O.C.U.S

Certified life coach, veteran, and I'm a mother. I feel the best way to inspire others is not through statics and definitely not always research but through listening and providing sound advice that can bring what they once lost back.

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