My name is Shanzelle Samuel, and I decided to speak on many things that we think about on a daily basis but really don’t have the courage to change. Maybe we don’t have the courage to change these things because we don’t know how to start or who to go to. I am a certified life coach using holistic teachings we can get through anything together with a plan. Sometimes coming up with a plan is easier with guidance. I am not a counselor, i will not sit down and tell you that everything will be alright. I will hold you accountable in reaching your goal. Every step that you take in life should be closer to reaching an ending result. If you are not making those necessary steps in life to get you to where you need to be successful then you have just detoured off your plan. I am a full time mother, a full time employer, a self motivator, and one who believed in a dream. Please email with any questions or concerns to 2focusongoals@gmail.com